I have three clocks —
at least three
that I’m aware of.


My inner clock
began its ticking
I left my mother’s womb
and it responds
to nature’s clock
that seems to have pendulum
that regulates our seasons.


And this clock
weighs in
on my inner clock
that makes suggestions.
as to how I use my days.


Then there are the digitals
that  have evolved
from the mechanicals
that have hands
that swing around a center —
man’s various
and amazing inventions
large and small
that reveal  the minutes
and the hours
which are so precious
and which have claimed
a stronger hold on me
than all the risings of the sun
that I have seen since birth.


I think of all the clocks I’ve known
and all the watches that I’ve worn
to calculate  the “wheness” of my life —
all that consulting
and that measuring!

Even such a simple life as mine
can’t help but marvel at
the way one’s innerness responds
to the phenomenon of time.

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