One day, following the altar call
(which Wayne liked to give)
right after “Brother Peery” preached
seven folks got “saved”.
Brother Peery was flabbergasted.
As the seven came forward
he gathered up his wits
and offered prayer.

Later they were baptized
in  a variety of ways:rivers, creeks, pools and baptistries.

Old Roy, a tobacco farmer
had resisted salvation for years
until that special Sunday.
His four sons had prayed
for their father’s soul
forever, it seemed, and finally
they rejoiced in answered prayer.

They could not stop
praising the preacher
and the preacher could not
dismiss their adulation
though he knew better than to inhale.

He kept wondering what he had said
that so pleased the worshippers that day
or if his words were irrelevant.

The phenomenon of salvation
dismayed him.

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