It is not quite an infestation --
but, there are lots of lizards
in our house --
well, at least several.
One is on a night light --
a couple of others on walls --
a ceramic one on the floor
near a plant sand --
another’s place is pending -- 
waiting a decision.
The largest is five feet long
and wears art deco well --
another is brass, maybe.
Oh yes, another is splayed over a light switch.

We would never be so friendly to snakes 
or to any other creatures, except cows.
Yes, we are prone to cows as art.
They share wall space here with lizards.

And we are interested in
what other folks hang on their walls.
What we display as art 
tells a lot about who we are.

Just look at our lizards and cows
and you will practically know us.
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