Get up in the morning and see the sun rise.
It usually offers a colored surprise —
You’ll love how it glows when it comes to your sky.


Of course, by itself the sun seems impaired.
it needs a few clouds that are sharing the air
to make a new sunrise worthy of stares.


When sunbeams begin their bright dancing with light
You may be unable to hold your delight
that captures your heart with such beautiful sights.


There is red and there’s orange and purple and gray
they are all mixed together — the beginning of day
for all early watchers of how the sun plays.


Of course there are those who’d prefer to be sleeping
and are not inclined to disrupt any dreaming
Their beds in the mornings are what is redeeming.


Those who rise early may think they are smart —
that they are superior — they rise in the dark
and wait resolutely for dawn to embark.


But maybe God shines on late risers, too
and maybe included is one I’d call “you”.
I’ll now stop this bragging for now I am through.

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