When I awaken each morning I’m my maximum height
and all through the day my shrinking is slight
but it adds up to inches when up comes the night.


When I’m asked by a nurse who is writing stuff down
“Please tell me your height”  I just look around
and say “WHEN?”  and she gathers a frown


and then seems confused while I am amused.
I think that she thinks that this is a ruse
that there are some inches I tell her I lose.


So that’s how it is.  I’m actually shrinking
I can tell you have doubts.  I know what you’re thinking
but I’m telling the truth and my eyes are not blinking.


When I was a kid  ‘twas a mark on the wall
that told  my good parents I was getting quite tall.
I’m not Humpty Dumpty — I’ve not had a fall.


But I’m losing a bit of my length every day
and hopefully — hopefully night has a way
of cutting my losses that happen in days.


Somehow in the night I  am actually stretching —
the stretching that comes as a much needed blessing.
Otherwise, I’m quite certain, I’d be into stressing.

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