Down by the sea that I see no more —
the sea close to me in my days of yore
are waters still lapping a now distant shore.


I miss the sea sounds and I miss the sea sights.
Sometimes I still see them while dreaming at night.
Sometimes I have amazing fantasy flights.


I’m watching some whitecaps slide under my feet
as I stand on the shore and I’m counting their beats
and I’m finding in memories something so sweet.


I’m walking along where the waves meet the sand
and I’m picking up sea shells that are washed up on land
and I’m gathering memories,so simple yet grand.


If one is unable to unearth his past
where some recollections fade while some of them last
then one is deprived of great mental repasts.


It is good to go shopping down Memory Lane
though what really happened might not be the same
as what you recall. But you’re not to blame.

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