Was driving my car in the night
and soon  had a terrible fright.


Was definitely being pursued —
this I knew to be true — this I knew.


I drove ‘round curves very fast.
I doubted I’d be able to  last.


Scared out of my wits I was —
And I thought it was because


It was Death in pursuit of me.
Nothing else it could possibly be.


But I could not keep on going.
I was blinded.  It was suddenly snowing.


I braked hard and  I screeched to a stop.
I was terrified — don’t think I was not.


My pursuer, he opened his door
and  just when I couldn’t take more


he quietly came to my side —
said: “That was a pretty fast ride!”


Then he patted me on the shoulder —
said “just because you are older


you think about me more than you should”.
And suddenly I understood.


I , shortly thereafter , awakened —
A bit wiser but a little bit shaken.

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