Since you know so much

you wonder why you know so little.

The unknown world increases

as you seek to understand.


I might add to

all you have already grasped —

another tidbit of information

that I’m sure you’ll hold firmly

in your ever expanding understanding

of the world you’ve been allowed

to walk in and and to talk in  —

perhaps for many years.


I finally have timed how long it takes

for the ordinary cough drop to dissolve

in the mouth of an ordinary man.


Would you like to guess?

Do you confess that you never thought of it

‘til now? — that such considerations

never found entertainment in your mind?


Well, I will tell you that if you suck

at a relatively  normal speed

and if you do not bite or chew

that a quarter of an hour will do it.


Fifteen minutes and it’s all over.

But that does not include the time it takes

to unwrap the little thing

which often requires sharp fingernails.

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