FIFTY YEARS AGO (recollections)

In our little city we marched.

We weren’t big Washington, DC

but we wanted to make it known

that we could emulate “big time”.


I was in the front line — ten across —

a few hundred of us marched.


Some folks in my church

thought I was insane —

or at least a bane.

I recall  the hostility

as well as adulation.


I recall

preaching in a “black pulpit”

exchanging places

with a friend of mine.

The amens and

that’s right brother

I was  not used to —

but I loved  them.


Not many weeks thereafter

I met Martin Luther King.

He shook my hand.

I can still feel that day.


I was such a miniscule portion

of a great wave of history

and though I’m forgetful

I’ve not forgotten those days.

They resurface and resonate

at a time like this.

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