I walked with four women the other day.


A friend I had, visited

and then the visitor had friends

all who wanted to walk in the dawn.


Thus was created a small cadre —

four women and a man.


The women turned out to be girls —

old girls to be sure, but girls.


They giggled — they laughed.


They talked and talked and talked.



They had a great time

bobbing around

in the semi darkness.


At one point

they marched in step —

pivoted around me

and then bowed toward a building

housing at least fifty sleepers.


There were no arrests.


The cops weren’t even called

when their sounds crescendoed.


Finally they  deserted me

and left me

at the entrance to my home

reminding me they’d walk tomorrow.


I usually walk alone

where the silence is only broken

by early birds and my own footsteps.


To walk with four women

is not a walk —

it is a phenomenon.


It is also a great memory!

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