They are talking about global issues on TV:

the politics of the Middle East —

signs of Russian aggression —

the disparity between the rich and poor.

And I am listening — sort of.

I am thinking mostly about the bacon

I plan to fry in a little while —

how I will cook it

turning it over, then over again

with tongs we have had forever.

When it is “just  right”

I’ll lay it on paper towels —

pour off most of the grease

and then break some eggs

and drop them into the frying pan —

letting them spread out

on  slightly reduced heat.

I will turn them over with a spatula

until the whites stop running

making sure the yolks

are not overdone.

The dishes we  will use

will be warmed in the microwave

to maintain a  desired temperature.

We will enjoy the simple meal

with little thought of pigs and chickens —

nor of the universal themes

set by the evening news.

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