I don’t spend much time

looking into a mirror

nor do I spend much time

wondering about

“What shall  I do with my life?”

now that its end

is closer than it was yesterday.


But I do spend a little time

with both of these matters

and usually

when such investments

have been made

I get on with it

and stop wondering.


But this time

as I looked and wondered

I decided that

I would grow a mustache.


It is something I can do

that will change

what I see in the mirror

and yet will require

but little effort.


In fact, it will save time

invested in shaving

that I might use

to better purposes.


I might, at some point

have some explaining to do

to my remaining

relatives and friends

and if so

I will print this out

and share it.


Without a doubt

I’ll cause some of them

to wonder.


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