When I survey my past

and weigh what has happened to me

I am enticed by three words

that deal with the subject of my destiny.

The first word is BLESSED.

Yes, I can easily count my blessings.

But that implies that some one

“out there” or ”up there” or “somewhere”

SOMEONE is despensing things to my walk through life

and is more in charge than I.

But if I like what’s beng given

I must protest and say “Why me and not another?

And this makes blessings problamatic

as I consider One who might dole out to me some fine things

and who might withold some good from others.

So I turn to the word LUCK

and apply it to the delineations

of the good that’s happened to me.

Yes, I’ ve been lucky

but I feel there’s more than that –

and I cannot explain what it is.

Somehow, using LUCK to delineate my destiny

seems deficient

So I end up using FORTUNATE

for it best describess the life I’ve had

with its blessings and its luck.

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