We have three grand children
who live about seventy miles away
and we get to see them on occasion.


When they arrive at our place
they know that they should hug us
and they are pretty good at that.


Then they begin to sniff around
and soon find sweet stuff and chips
we hide for them in cupboards.
I have tried to get them interested
in PEANUT BUTTER, but no deal.
They just plain don’t like it.
I invested in some cereal
glazed with its fine aroma
but they ignored my overtures.
They greatly disappointed me!


I discovered peanut butter
back when I was too young to remember.
Kellogg, the cereal magnate learned
how to make it
about the time my grandmothers were born
and some Indians
crushed those nuts into some edible form
about the time Columbus got famous
on his Santa Maria.
Why this legacy is resisted
by my dear grands I do not understand.

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