Nothing unusual in the west
at five o’clock –
just some painted clouds
on top of live oak trees –
beautiful but no big deal.


Our hopeful expectations
so often fulfilled –
so seldom disappointed.


We planned to say good-bye
to the dusky sky.


We’d drunk of our usual pleasure –
were ready to close the blinds
and make ready for the night.


But then some brightness came
following about the same path
so recently taken by the sun –
a spot of light that beamed its rays on earth
and caught our unanticipated eyes.


Jupiter we guessed it was.
We hadn’t paid attention to its flight
for years.


And then a crescent moon appeared –
the sphere we’ve come to love
for its variety of shapes
as well as for its luminescent glow.


That was our evening’s entertainment
satisfying the old eyes that dwell
where also
many aging bodies dwell.

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