It felt like jousting to me
although I do not know
what jousting feels like, but
that is the word that came to mind
as I was “attacked” by
a six year old and a nine year old.


The game that we had invented awhile ago
challenged me to bite their big toes.


They pounced on me —
tempted me as I sat in my recliner —
they knew what I was after
and then disrupted my attempts
to gain my goals of big toes.


A year ago I was tougher than I am now
and they are tougher now than then.


So it was difficult for me to play
as I did in the old days
and I don’t think they are aware of
their increasing strength
nor of my diminishing.


I managed with great effort
to bite one toe
but the next day I felt
pain in various body parts.


I am glad that we jousted
but sad that I feel so ousted.

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