When I first met her
she seemed robust –
including her bust.


She told me
that she exercised a lot
and that was believable.


Then, a couple of years later
I bumped into her –
although I can’t say
that we really bumped.


Maybe I should say
that I couple of years later
I ran into her
but that’s not quite right either.
There was no bumping
and no running into.


We just encountered one another
after having not done so
for a couple of years.


She had changed considerably.
She stretched out her arms
as if to show me something —
and much flesh hung down –
flesh that had been filled
with muscle and brawn.


It seems that
she was distressed about her changes
but all she said was
that she was now skinny-fat.


That oxymoron described her well
and I could tell she was pleased with that
but not with her condition.
We did not discuss her new body.


In fact, we hardly discussed anything
and I was left pondering her skinny-fatness.

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