It was the first flower I knew.

And when it went to seed
I blew it – EVERYWHERE

I knew nothing about its disdain –
how our neighbors tried to stop me.

And to this day
do not know where the “lion” part
comes from.

Nor do I know how “tiger lilies”
(much more acceptable
than the yellow flower’s lion)
got their name.

It must be that some botanist
who has the naming power over flowers
was a wild animal man.

Of course, there is tame “dogwood”
and catnip.

Maybe the botanist cared for all animals.

Even a porcupine has some affinity
to pine trees.

I thought by now I’d know more than I do.

I still like dandelions
and I would want them on my casket
were I to have on —
but I’ve decided not to.

Russ Peery —-June 2018

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