I remember first thinking about Time —
way back when –
quite some time ago
as my mind felt ready to grapple
with ineffable matters.

Perplexed, as many have been
I kept thinking that somebody
smarter than me had figured out what I couldn’t
but might be able to some day.

But I never did.

I grew older
and went on to deal with other matters
much easier to handle.

I put the subject of time
way to the back of my mind
and ceased to pursue the mystery.

But now that I am old
the subject of time has emerged again, tantalizing me.

The lack of answers has reentered my mind
and I grapple again with
how time began and how time might end.

Politics and the news of the world
no longer engage me much.

I want to grasp what finite minds
have never been able to understand
and I think that lots of us old folks
are thus enticed.

But we are running out of time.

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