I’m not sure when I first started
trying to figure it out.

Certainly it became very important to me
back when I was wondering what to do.

I had to do something
even if I couldn’t figure life out.

So I became a preacher.

That worked well for many years
but I still didn’t figure it out.

For awhile that didn’t seem to matter.

But then I began to think the answer might be
more in my hands than in my head.

Working with wood turned out to be the next step for me
but it did not bring me closer to figuring it out.

Since the beginning of this century
I have worked to try to figure things out with poetry
and occasionally I may make a little progress.

Old age may be is a time when I ought to give it up.

Fate seems ro smile at my futile efforts to acquire understanding.

I smile back and am grateful for my various investigations.

I’ve been given enough time to ponder and to ponder and to ponder.

Russ Peery August 2018

Lucky me!

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