I guess (and that means “I don’t know”, or “likely”
or “maybe”)
that most of us who get to be ninety
look at TIME as if it were a reality that has gone very fast.

It seems that memories have power over Time’s awareness
and we’ve been known to say “It seems like yesterday”
when, in fact, it happened years ago.

We feel that suddenly we’ve grown old
when, in fact, it’s been a long and slow process.

Some folks keep diaries that help keep the past present
and others collect photographs.
These days videos are likely to do the same “work” better.

I sit here and often play with my past with little effort
checking into my wasness
but aware that some folks I know are much better than I
in retrieving thoughts of what has happened to them.

Could I say I envy them? Yes, I do.

Memory keeping is a gift
and some folks are more gifted than others
and at least a few of us wish
we had better recall than we do.

So be it.

I used to say “That’s the way the ball bounces”.

Russ Peery Sept 2018

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