Recently I made a hole in one of my sneakers –
the left one – a hole made with a saw tooth knife.

I thought about my electric drill
but I have rid myself of all my power tools.

The hole coincided with a wound on my foot –
a wound whose origin is a mystery.

With it not touching anything
its pain is minimal and not intrusive when I walk,

Three months ago a foot doctor suggested
that I have it daily attended with ointment
and then covered with a taped-on gauze.

The problem persisted for more than a month.
I then went to another foot doctor
whose credentials are impressive.

She said that nothing should cover that wound.
I found some sandals that did the job – somewhat.

The wound has never gone away
and I’m afraid it’s here to stay.

But I “did” my sneaker and am walking with it on
and no one sees the hole I made.

I received my greatest help from Dr. Russ.

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