The ten year old little Sally
one night in the early nineteen thirties
walked one mile at around nine pm
from a friends house back to her own –
did that in a small town darkened by sunset.

Sally’s brother, Bubby,’“the world’s greatest pest”
had been bad-mouthed by a classmate
who had invited her for a sleep-over.

“No one has the right to say such things.”

Only Sally was “allowed” to castigate
that little boy who lived
in the same house as she did.

Their love-hate ties eventually
grew to be a pleasurable sibling love
but way back then their Mom sometimes
despaired about the animosity between her two children.

On that particular dark night
the unexpected daughter sounds were welcomed
by parents quite surprised and wondering.

Explanations later shared were such
that even now that night occasionally stirs memories
too vivid to discard.

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