It is rumored that some honchos at Brookdale

would like its patrons to make Thanksgiving lists.

Perhaps we can create a few –

perhaps delineate a blessing or two.

Shall we turn to our I-Pads to accomplish this?

But some would ask: “What’s an I-Pad?”

They are those flat devices that hands can grasp

and they grasp the attention and devotion of their users.

How about a laptop?

That’s not what many seniors use these days

but here and there a few do.

Typwriters worked once upon a time –

at best are memories now.

How about a pencil or a pen and paper?

We can demonstrate our declining cursive

which we all learned to do years and years ago.

We may think a little now without using any ink.

We’ll recline in our recliners and seek a mode of gratefulness

or strive to do the same in wheelchairs.

Maybe the Brookdale barons will understand our gratefulness

no matter how displayed.

We only hope that our lists will be finished

before we are.

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