They started looking at me:
first one — then two, then three.
I began to feel self-conscious.
Was my hair all messed up?
Was the small scab on my forehead bleeding?
What had I done to get all this attention?
Self conscious, I looked back at the staring
and all I saw were intense faces.
I felt strange and uncomfortable.

Then suddenly I became aware.
They were not quite looking at me
but at something beyond the window
I was sitting in front of.
Relieved, I stood up and turned around
and saw this beautiful bird.
I had been but a blurr in their eyes.
They didn’t care a wit about me
and soon went back to deal
with the food before them.

And so did I.
Yes I did, but not without feeling different
than I had felt just moments before.
That bird had changed my heart beat
and the way I had held my fork.

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