Astronomers can tell us how fast light goes.

How they do this beats me.

I’ve checked into it and just  don’t understand it.

But I accept it as fact and go about my dailyness paying only heed that light travels 186,000 feet per second –faster than the speed of sound and faster than I used to jog.

I am more impressed when astronnomers tell usthat there are many whirling things out there in spacethat are ten and twenty and even more light-years away.

How in the world are they able to figure that out?

And that means that if there is any human intelligenceon some of those far away starsour earth light takes light-years to reach them.

Thus, what happens here today could be seenbut only years after it actually occurs.

So if I die today and there are fantastic telescopes on distant satallitesmy death will not register until light-years later.

I spend time pondering matters like those I’ve just mentioned even though television attempts to lure me awaywith the news in Washington. DC.

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