There was a time  when time was not measured :
no rock formations or sun dials —
no Big Bens or grandfathers’ long pendulums–
no pocket’s holding tick-tocks —
nothing on bedside tables or on mantles —
no neon numbers to tell us of minutes passing —
no vocabulary to declare days or weeks or years.

My 20/20 calendar
 set me to thinking about things like that.
I began to wonder about early man —
to wonder if I were ever one of them.
How would it be to wake up and be —
to be without measuring tools
applied to sunrises or sunsets.
They had their shadows
and maybe that was their beginning.
They could not ignore them for forever
soon after they had the prowess we have now.
Some of them rose up to tinker.
They rose up as thinkers to begin the measuring.
And wise men are doing it still.

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