My Three Year Old Grandaughter “Drove” My Car

When we arrived at her house and had said our hellos and had our hugs

Our three year old granddaughter

Opened the driver’s side of our little car and she “drove it”- 

How beautifully did she drive it!!

The seat was about right, much better than her mom’s big car

She grabbed the wheel – turned it back and forth.

She smiled the most delightful delicious smile!

Then she found the signal lights – 

Then the air conditioner – 

Then the windshield wipers – 

Then the radio – 

Then the stick between her seat and mine. 

I went with her

And we went as far as anywhere.

It didn’t matter — it was all fun!

And in that year she drove me many times.

But by time she turned four 

She didn’t do it it it any more.


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