I’ve been moved by the moon, as most of you know —
I have seen it come and have seen it go.
I’m awed by the various  shapes I’ve seen —
a moon when full and a moon when lean.
But I didn’t learn ‘til  a short time ago
that some very smart men whom I don’t know
made a detailed map of all the moon’s places
while I made up poems of all the moon’s faces.
This map was made back in two thousand nine
and I’ll bet that the map has no rhymes of mine.
However, I can’t help but be quite amazed
what those astronomers did with their days
while I messed around with pen and ink
to suggest to friends just what I think
about our moon that swells and shrinks.


But even  if some have to wax scientific
they still must admit: the moon’s terrific!

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