I don’t recall when I first learned
that the world wasn’t flat.

I don’t recall if what I learned disturbed me some
for I also leaned that we went around the sun
and to me it sounded fun
to be traveling so fast yet to feel so still.

I learned all that stuff “way back when”.

It was enough to begin my studies in astronomy.
which in first grade, maybe, I learned about such things.

And that’s about as far as I ever got
unless I forget some other things
like about the Saturn rings —
and maybe a bit about the moon

And while I’ve concentrated on surviving
in this whirling world
some folks have come along with amazing “takes’
on the vastness of the sky.

I believe them just as I believed those folks
who told me long ago
about the shape of our planet
though I must confess I
don’t much understand it.



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