I never dreamed I’d own a tricycle.
I already own one vehicle.
It’s white — and so’s my trike.
And, Oh, I like my trike!
It resuscitates old age a mite —
at least the old bones I own.
Where we live it’s flat.
You must think of that
if you’re prone to buy one.
Hills  are too hard to climb
if you’re near the age of mine.
So if you live on a slope
don’t be a dope and buy one.
But if your abode is near mine
try spending some time
on a three wheeler.
I know the dealer in St. Cloud
and I’d be proud to tell him
that you might be willing to invest
in one of the best game-changers
of folks of many decades.
We might even form a parade
of folks pedaling their trikes
along  our modest turnpike
where we can’t exceed twenty —
but that’s plenty!

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