I’m not apt to see dust

on a  window sill —

on a  table or a counter —

on a television screen.


She sees dust in so many places

I’ve unintentionally  ignored

and she’s deplores its existence.

it’s even on the floor!


My sight feels all right to me

but I’m not good at seeing dust.


And in addition

there is this related visual affliction:

items that I seek

in the refrigerator defy my sight

when I’m looking straight at them.


I’m OK when reading books

and I can see the screen

that records my fingertips.


I can look through dirty windows

and focus on what’s out of doors

when it’s suggested to me

by the one I love, that I might  use

Windex while I’m scanning.


I’m sort of blind

but thankful for the eyes

I’ve tried to use

for more than eighty-seven years .


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