“It is what it is”
and sometimes that’s too bad –
though it could also be a blessing.


I never heard
“It is what it is”
’til I got old
and shared a lot with those
who had as many birthdays
as I took on
before and after this new century.


We have more reason to complain
than when young and vibrant.


“Isness” refines our coping skills –
many we never knew we had.


“Isness” is relentless
and our attitude toward it
is important to resolve.


I confess
that it sometimes gets me down –
but then I look around
and extol the goodness I have found.


I’m called to offer praise
for I often stand amazed
at the life I’ve had –
all the good
and all the bad.


It now has pretty much
unraveled —
this world that I have traveled!

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