My Clock

I made the cherry clock
several years ago —
that is, I fashioned its face
and made room behind it
to hold a clever little device
that holds its “works”.

A  small shaft pokes through its face
to which one can attach hands
that go round and round and each day
“telling time”whenever I want to hear  —
that is, I must see it to “hear” it
as strange as that may seem.

It’s made of some beautiful cherry wood
that once graced a beautiful tree
and it now hangs on a wall opposite my recliner
big enough to easily see —
small enough so as not to be intrusive.

Every day I hear it tick-tocking
though it isn’t really going “tick-tocking”
but releasing a small intermittent sound
that I, with little imagination
because that’s what I want the sound to be.turn into “tick-tock”

Surely the Lord forgives me
and He must do so every day
as I relax and listen  and look
as time goes by — especially MY time.
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