When I am cooking chicken

I seldom ponder the question:

”Which came first

the chicken or the egg?”


Nor do I mull over that question

when working on

sunny-side-ups in the frying pan.


But I’ve had times

when I’ve tried to solve

these mysteries.


But right at the moment

I am wondering

as I’m preparing to make soufflé

when man (or woman) first

became fascinated with

the difference between

the white of an egg and its yolk —

and then strove

to do something about them

in his or her culinary endeavors.


When I finally became proficient

in separating yolks and whites

and whisking up the white

until it became froth

I marveled at the outcome.


I still do, in fact

and am off to the kitchen now.


There I  may also consider the dilemma of

pro life vs pro choice.


Eggs should do that to you sometimes

as you’re breaking them.

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