The doctor told our neighbor:

“You don’t have much time.”

That verified her suspicions.

She has it “nailed down” now.


I wonder what she’ll tell the cashiers at Publix

when they say: “How are you?”

or “Take Care!” or “Have a wonderful day!”


I thought of how

when I go to Fantastic Sams to get my hair cut

and they inquire about my well being.

I always reply: “FANTASTIC!”


I’ll think of her

next time I’m asked such things.

I will think of our dear neighbor

and  I will even consider the possibility

that some day I might get the same prognosis.


How do I get such things out of my mind?

It just got there a few hours ago

and is likely to be pretty forefront in my thoughts

for……… long I can’t tell.


I’m not much good at

discarding sad thoughts

once they have embraced me.

And if they fled too easily

what kind of a man would I be

who has come to love a neighbor?

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