I hear the dishwasher  now —

the washer and dryer

a short time ago.


When I was small

i never heard such sounds.


I was used to toilets flushing

and perhaps my father was —

but his father wasn’t.


I heard telephones ringing

but that was rather new.

My father was a telegrapher

and dotted and dashed.


I’m sitting here thinking

about our ordinary lives

and how what we hear

and take for granted

until recently, wasn’t ordinary.


The flat TV screen

picking up reflections

from across the room

can swing into action

with but a small investment

of my time and energy.


I’ve had nothing to do

with these changes.


Other people have.


All I do

is take them in my stride.


But I do wonder a bit

what sounds  my grand children

will take for ordinary sounds

which I haven’t even heard yet.


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