A deep hot bath
is a great place for reflecting
for those limber enough
to get in and out of tubs
if not with ease
at least with modest bending —
slow but deliberate.


So how about the year gone by?
Should you even try assessing —
maybe counting blessings
here and there
but counting losses, too —
those that brought tears to you?


A Christmas gift —
some liquid for a bubble bath
makes white mountains
that your feet protrude —
your toes quite beautiful
and you’re in a serious mood
yet you find yourself laughing
at the absurdity of it all —
surely your life —
especially those now grown old
and ruminating about so many years
and wondering: “What will come of it —
your life and the ones you love —
all those who will be following you —
all the young becoming old?”


The bubbles are evaporating
and the water is getting cooler.
Time to scrub and rinse
and extricate oneself
and prepare to meet the New Year clean!

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