There is a somebody – 有一个人 ,

an artist in China 一个中国艺术家

who has created 谁创造了

a bird singing 只唱歌的鸟 ,

that has ended up on 那最终到了

some of our cofee cups 我们有些的咖啡杯

and on some of our plates. 和一些的盘子上 .

I don’t know much about China 我对中国的了解也不多 ,

but I do know 但是 , 我绝对知道了

that someone who lives there 有一个人谁住在那里 ,

has brought me many smiles. 就是的给我带来了许多微笑 .

The bird that he or she created 他或她创作了的鸟形象 ,

sings so joyfully 它小脸上带着愉悦的神情

that I can hear its song 我能听见那鸟的歌曲,很有很多喜悦

from the other side of the earth. 从地球的另一侧 .

Russ Peery, August 2016

Translated by Erin MacDonad

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