I started listening to the sounds
my feet were making on the pavement.
Soon I placed my watch within my palm.
I had sufficient dawn light
to see the second hand go round.


So I began to count my paces
within a minute’s time:
a hundred paces, more or less
in sixty seconds.


And since my daily walk is thirty minutes
I must take three thousand strides
each time I take my  morning stroll.


This is how I find my entertainment, sometimes:
being silly with all these numbers, this time.
Then I  began to multiply my strides
in terms of  strides per week —
in terms of strides per month.
Then I  had the audacity to take on a year  —
3,000 strides times 365 days:

 1,095,000 strides each year.!

Allowing for some sick and travel days
still easily  more than a million strides
I’ll take this year, Lord willing.


All this, taking place in my Kissimmee
while in London world athletes
are striving for the gold.

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