I think about the ineffable most days —

but it’s mostly about time and space —

about the fact that I cannot conceive

either of their beginnings or endings.

I’m completely baffled

as I have been all my life.
But, I am intrigued also.

I don’t get much closer to God than this.

That there is a God — a He or a She

seems to me so necessary.

Whether or not I am under divine care

I do not really know.

I would surely like to be.

Sometimes I think I am.

Sometimes I think I’m not.

I consider myself open to further revelations.

They better happen soon.


I doubt that you are where I am.

You may have discarded God long ago

or embraced Him.

Maybe you don’t think much about this stuff —

about the ineffable.

I spend quite a bit of time with it

but I know we are all different.

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