How have I fared
when I compare myself to every man?


How many are smarter than I
and how many are there less so?


How many are more clever, more ambitious
compared to those below me
with those attributes?


And so on and so on……..
you know what I mean
at least I think you do
and you are smart enough to think about it.


There is, of course, no way to know —
but that doesn’t stop me from wondering.


There are days when
I feel pretty good about myself
compared to every other man
and days when I feel quite low
as my self esteem plummets.


I end up with the conclusion
that I’m likely in the middle –
not the highest in my class of homosapiens
nor do I grovel at the bottom.


With more time to ponder such matters
than in my busier days of long ago
I place myself in the middle.


And I hope that if I come back
after I’ve been turned into ashes
that I might rise a little higher.

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