(my biography)

The 20th century
first cradled me
then offered me
its challenges and options.
I  was an introvert —
too shy to enter most arenas.


And so I chose religion
both to shelter me
and offer me an occupation.


That worked well for a time
until I’d grown to  see
that though it  fostered me
allowing me survival
there was another  man
within my contours
that  sought emancipation.


So I had another womb
to flee from
or perhaps I shed my skin
obliging my snake within.


When that was laid aside
I  began embracing
the work of my hands
and I began to dream
of shapes and joints
and lost my earlier ones
spawned by theology.


Now that work is nearly done
and I’ve begun to use the muse
to  hold me in my fading years.


I’ve had three births
each one entwined within the others
and I’ve been fortunate indeed.

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