Tell me please, why the years go so fast?
I was a boy and I was playing with toys
and had access to so many joys.
Soon another decade will be past


and folks around will know that Ill be ninety
The world’s so changed, and so am I
and years go by. How fast they fly! I sigh.
I often think I’ve had enough. Plenty!


But whose to say how short or long it’ll be?
Surely neither you nor I will make
the final word about our human fate –
though many spawn their own fatalities.


Who knows the very details of his ending?
God only answers – tells me it is pending.


It’s gone so fast. Oh it has gone so fast!
I was a child – am now an ancient man.
So much there is I do not understand.
Now I’m so aware that I’ll not last.


In my yesterdays: no wonderings like now.
Agendas change and often we don’t choose
the work that time insists. We often lose
and don’t recover well – but deal somehow.


Tell me, please, to look ahead with hope –
to smile amidst the rages on the earth.
Compared to many a man, since my birth
my life’s been easy – but still, I’ve had to cope.


I still can see the sun come up – go down.
In these, many blessings I have found.

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