Too many serious matters engulf our world
and I don’t know enough
to comment wisely about them
even if consulted
(which has not been the case).

So I turn to trivial matters
because I must turn to “something”
because I can’t be silent!

I recall that once somebody told me:
“You can’t do two things at once!”

I don’t recall the circumstances
of the “two things at once”
but I thought about the fact
that some guy or gal
did, in fact, give me that advice.

So here is where my mind went:
I had just put a cough drop in my mouth
and then started shaving.

As my tongue and cheeks and teeth
rolled that cough drop around
while energizing my saliva
I pasted shaving cream on my face —
pulled out a razor
from the special place I keep it
and began removing whiskers
from my cheeks and chin and upper neck.

It took about ten minutes
to accomplish the two matters
I had assigned myself.

The cough drop dissolved
and my face was deprived of whiskers.

You likely could give many examples
of “two things at once”
if you think about it seriously.

And the many problems besetting our world
might take a “back seat” for a moment.

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