When you next see me


you’ll have not the slightest idea

what is on my mind

unless I choose to tell you.


It’s possible that you might guess

some of it

and possibly if you know me well

you’ll guess a lot.


But you won’t know EVERYTHING.

And, I’ll likely not tell you


Perhaps it will be none of your business

what is there

and perhaps you don’t even care.


But not all of what is there

you will be privy to.


And it’s the same way with you, too.

I can’t imagine it being otherwise.


But maybe we can grow a little closer

and maybe that would be good.


Or we might recover

some of what has been lost between us

if indeed we have the need for that.


We will be blessed, I hope

if we look forward to what might happen

to deepen whatever it is

that exists between us

when next we have  an opportunity

to go at it once again.

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