She suggested to him
that he probably
thought about THE END
more than she did
since she was much younger.
She also confessed
that she thought about it some.
There is a time for most of us
when we begin to think about it
more than we did
and we know there was a time
when we didn’t ponder it  at all.
And the WHEN  varies
depending on a lot of things
that shape our lives.
“When you are your age”
she spelled out
“you must consider it a bit more
than when you are my age.”
She’s right, he guesses,
and when he increases his time on earth
by a few more years (which is possible)
he may think about it more than he does now.
What he doesn’t  think about much
is what will happen after
and he confesses he may be missing out
on things his imagination does not grasp.

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