How do I decide what to remember –
what to forget?

I don’t spend much time pondering this phenomenon –
it just happens somewhere in my mind
where selections are taking place
with, and sometimes without my choosing.

If I did have more authority in these matters
I might decide quite differently
than I do by my remaining silent.

This process which I don’t especially understand
is, nevertheless one that I admire.

Were it different then I would be, too.

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When Mae West said:
“Too much of a good thing is wonderful” —
what did she have in mind?

I know that the 129 year old woman
who lives in Russia
and was recently brought into fame
because of her amazing longevity
did not say or even think that.

She said “Every day’s a drag!

It may be that there are “drag days”.

It must be so
because of the increasing suicide rate.

But most of the people I know
would prefer to be with Mae West.

I wonder what happened to her?
Truth is I don’t remember
or perhaps I just don’t know.

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When our father
didn’t want to answer questions
put to him by his pestering children
he would often say “We’ll see”.

That’s the way much of our future
has to be looked at.

Those of us who are impatient
can’t to anything about it.

News casters sometimes thrive
because their educated guessing
is fodder for the curious.

They can’t just say “We’ll see”.

They go on about it
and make their living
if their guessing
is compelling for the ear.

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Fame flirted with me
hoping I might resist, I think.

I didn’t.

Fame then backed away
and I was left
standing alone.

But I can still feel the feeling
of being more than I am.

It’s something I remember
and it’s ok.

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Whenever I write a little bit “down”
there are pleanty of people around
who want me to zip
and not to admit it.
“There is plenty of sadness around”.

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Welcome to June

He wanted to live a long time.

For some years that seemed to be fine.
But after awhile
his problems they piled
then he thought about changing his mind.

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When silence comes into my heart
and whatever sound intrudes
is faced with muting
I ponder my commencement —
(at least as far back as I can go)
wandering through various chapters
dealing with my THEN and NOW.

I face my failures some
but end with assurances
that I’ve been fortunate indeed.

Only seldom do I dwell long on darkness.
Rather I am prone to cope with hope
though I admit
I’ve flirted with self-pity.

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Hair Monitor

I have within me a hair monitor’
and you do, too.
They do not obey our wishes
but are obedient to our DNAs.
They deal with many places on our body:
the top pf our heads, our legs, our face, our groin,
and sometimes on our chests.

They determine our hairs quality
and its longevity.
Isn’t it amazing that each one of us
has sprouted hair in many places
and even though we’d prefer to control it
we can still marvel.

And….I’ve been told
that our hair still grows some
after we die.

In this busy and chaotic world
I sometimes count
the strangest blessings.

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When they asked me:
I was pleased to respond on a positive note.
I heard little spoken from the podium
but the children(grades one through five)
entertained me with their energy
that kept them wiggling and making funny faces.
I was not disappointed in doing grand father duties
and was glad I attended.
And after the ceremony we had a good lunch.

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In Praise of PT

I have lost the ability to ambulate
twice –
twice as my body has taken on the years.

Both times I came back
with help –
help from those who practice PT.

Their requirements
did not always please me–
but in the end
they knew what they were doing.

And I reaped rewards from their knowledge –
sometimes from folks
who could have been my grand children –
quite possibly my GREATS.

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